9月8日在j9九游传媒团队历时72小时告急的园地搭建中。西湖论金典藏篇金砖丝路”2017环球新型城镇化岑岭论坛在厦门国际会展中心准期顺遂举行。中国第九任交际部部长李肇星、中国前工信部部长李毅中、中国商务部前副部长魏开国,另有俄罗斯总统普京的智囊、印度总理莫迪的智囊以及诺贝尔经济学奖取得者等环球政商首脑将配合探究环球新型城镇化。这场岑岭论坛,是金砖国度向导人厦门会面之后,呼应最即时、视野最打开、议题最专业的深度交换。金砖丝路2017环球新型城镇化岑岭论坛接待晚宴上,金砖国度印度代表团成员默罕默德·萨奇夫再三约请韦董前去印度。身为印度总理莫迪智囊的他,介绍印度现在开展的两个重心:城镇化数字化。理解金诚特征小镇后,默罕默德·萨奇夫对韦董婉言:“We need you.(j9九游必要你)”   

       September 8, the West Lake on the gold collection of "gold brick Road" 2017 global new urbanization Summit Forum held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. China's ninth foreign minister, Li Zhaoxing, former Chinese Minister of Industry and Trade Li Yizhong, former vice minister of the Chinese Ministry of Commerce Wei Jianguo, as well as Russian President Putin's think tank, Indian Prime Minister Moody's think tank and Nobel Prize winner and other global political and business leaders Will jointly explore the new global urbanization. This summit forum is the BRIC leader after Xiamen meeting, the most immediate response, the most open field of vision, the topic of the most professional depth of communication.Tinker Silk Road 2017 Global New Urbanization Summit welcome dinner, the BRIC member of the Indian delegation Mohammed Sachic repeatedly invited Wei Dong to India. As Indian Prime Minister Moody's think he introduced India's current focus of development: urbanization and digitization. After understanding the special town of Kim Seung, Mohammed Sachic told Wei Dong: "We need you (we need you)"In the case of