单纯年月驻足7080年月这一共同文明主题,将7080年月的怀旧文明与古代社会的代价观,人生观,外交观,审雅观相联合,经过创意的手腕,对一些已经是j9九游生存中不行或缺的产品举行再设计与包装,这一创意可以是新图案联合老产品的创意,也可以是老图案联合新产品的创意,深化发掘7080年月文明中最最经典,最最有代表性的工具,使之出现另类的时髦与怀旧,让7080年月那种单纯无瑕,动人至深的情绪熏染当今社会急躁,孤单的心灵,j9九游坚信如许的文明代价,品牌代价是可以冲动消耗者的。j9九游也将当仁不让[dāng rén bú ràng]的朝着这个偏向行进。

    The age of innocence is based on the unique cultural theme of the 1970s, combining the nostalgic culture of the 1970s with the values, outlooks, societies, and aesthetics of modern society. Through creative means, it is an indispensable part of our life Product design and packaging, this idea can be a combination of old ideas with the old idea of the product, it can be the old pattern of new products with the idea of digging into the 7080 culture in the most classic, the most representative things, so The appearance of alternative fashion and nostalgia, so that the kind of innocent in the 7080s, touching feelings of today's society impetuous, lonely soul, we believe that this cultural value, brand value can be touched by consumers. We will be duty-bound to move in this direction forward.